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High-Grade Iron Ore

Zero Carbon Vision

Zamin Group is a dynamic and forward-thinking company specialising in the exploration, development, and mining of high grade Iron Ore. Operating on a global scale, Zamin Group has established itself as a leading expert in identifying and bringing to life promising mining projects.

Zamin Groups history includes a portfolio of success stories that have navigated the complexities of the mining landscape, consistently delivering exceptional results to its partners and stakeholders. Their expertise encompasses every stage of the mining lifecycle, from initial exploration and geological surveys to mine development, production, and logistics.

Transformative Iron Ore Ventures

Zamin has identified projects that have the capacity and capability to produce high grade iron ore concentrate, supplying the steel industry and helping them achieve goals of carbon neutrality as well as reducing carbon footprints in its own projects.

Zamin´s first major project started development in 2006 in Brazil, the Bamin project in Bahia. Following 4 years of research, a bankable feasibility study was completed in January 2010 showing 2.4 billion tonnes of JORC compliant resources and a planned production of 19.5 million tonnes of pellet feed. This was successfully sold to ENRC.

Zamin initiated its second project bankable feasibility in Uruguay. The project came to be known as Valentines and managed to prove resources in excess of 2.6b mt. Feasibility reports show Valentines had the capability to produce up to 36m mtpa of DRI grade iron ore concentrate (69% Fe) in 2 stages . This was going to be a flagship project and very valuable to steel mills across the globe to decarbonise by using such high grade ore. The Valentines project is proceeding positively through an arbitration process in UNCITRAL.


A step closer to green gold

Capitalising on the expertise and the knowledge base developed by doing two major DFS of large iron ore projects, Zamin is continuing to develop a portfolio of assets that will service the demands of future green steel industry

Zamin is now developing a major DRI project in Sweden:

Location: Kiruna hub, Sweden
Quantity: Basis of 72.000mtrs of drilling already executed a estimated resource is in excess of 600MT
Quality: Kritiske shall produce a 70% Fe ultra high grade DRI concentrate

Sustainable Developer

Kiruna region with already existing sustainable energy supply and future wind power projects such as Käymävaara and Selkävaara is highly suitable for sustainable development of mining operations with minimal carbon footprint.

Zamin is collaborating with business partners to achieve optimal solutions that leverage these renewable energy sources and innovative technologies, ensuring that our mining operations not only minimise their carbon footprint but also contribute positively to the local environment and community.

Through strategic partnerships and ongoing research, Zamin aims to pioneer sustainable mining practices that prioritise environmental stewardship and social responsibility, setting a new standard for the industry in the Kiruna region and beyond.

Responsibility to Society & Stakeholders

We are committed to operating responsibly and in partnership with the communities where we work. We want to be a long-term force for economic and environmental good in the communities in which we operate. Zamin is putting down strong roots wherever it operates, not just for the next five years but for future generations by building relationships with national and state governments through employment, infrastructure improvements, and enforcing the highest environmental compliance standards.



The demand for high-grade iron ore products for green steel and steel industry decarbonization is on the rise, driven by regulatory, technological, and market forces. As the global steel industry continues its transition towards sustainability, Zamin with it’s focus on identifying and developing high-grade iron ore deposits is well-positioned to capitalise on the growing market opportunities and contribute to the advancement of green steel production.

According to recent analyses by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), the shift towards green steel is accelerating, with significant investments being directed towards low-carbon steelmaking technologies. Current projections indicate planned investments totalling billions of dollars in new green steel production capacity globally over the next decade. This substantial commitment underscores the increasing importance of high-grade iron ore products, particularly for DRI production, in meeting the sustainability goals of the steel industry.

“Decarbonisation will support the emergence of new production, processing and trading hubs for low-carbon iron and steel.

Driven by rising demand for green steel, the industry’s push for net zero is set to transform the value chain of a commodity essential to the industrialized world.

These new hubs will centre on abundant, low-cost renewable electricity and competitive green hydrogen supply, both key to the production of green direct reduced iron (DRI), used as feedstock in steelmaking,” Wood Mackenzie, 2023

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